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My responsibilities
Sketching, Ideation, 3D modelling, Rapid prototyping, Art direction,  Storyboarding, UX/UI, App design
Everyday-products are often replaced by new, smart and high-tech products. This, when these so-called 'outdated products' function properly still. Why not make a design that could upgrade such products to smart devices, without having to replace them necessarily? Smartians are born.
The starting point of my internship at FROLIC studio was the idea from the Studio to turn ordinary devices into smart devices, using small actuators. The Studio had previously worked out the basic concept of the functionality and the accompanying app. From hereon I have worked on the industrial design of Smartians, from basic concept up to final design, the interface of the app, its packaging and storyboard for the promotional video. 
Inspirational collages and idea sketches
Product prototyping [1/2]
Product prototyping [2/2]
Color selection and packaging prototyping
App prototyping
Storyboard design and film shooting
Smartians are small actuators that one can position on any device, and so make it smart. By the use of the different add-ons, different use-cases can be addressed such as rotating blinds, pressing buttons or pull a rope. Even more so, users are enabled to get creative on other use-cases like feeding fish or watering plants.
Smartians and add-ons
A number of use-case examples
Smartians packaging
Media exposure
Smartians has made the following media appearances
What next?
Currently FROLIC studio is looking for investors to bring Smartians to the market. Interested? Shoot them a message on or visit their website at
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