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From entity studio jobba I perform any freelance Industrial Design (including UX/UI), Graphic Design and Photography activities.
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Industrial Design (including UX/UI), Graphic Design and Photography freelance commissions

Photography prints
Fill in the form below to request one or more printout(s) of any of my photographs. Nothing will be charged yet. I will get in touch as soon as I can. Thank you.
High quality paper is used for all prints. All prints are numbered, titled, signed and sealed personally by me. 
A4: €20,-, A3: €30,-. Prices include taxes, handling and shipping.
Thank you for your request. I will get in touch as soon as I possibly can.
Industrial design
I love to design what I usually call 'technology with a smile'. These are products that house an iot-component, are fucused on the user, convenient, beautiful, right for their context of use and include a quirky aspect in some way. I believe people should not take themselves too seriously, but seriously still. The same goes for industrial or product design.
Graphic design
Graphic design really goes hand in hand with industrial design; UX/UI is where the two marry. I aim to communicate the client's values in a fun and clever ways whilst keeping up to date with today's graphic design trends.
I make architecture photographs. Because of its graphic design nature; sharp lines, contrasting colors, distinct cropping, I like to call my style 'Photo Graphics'. I love to go out into cities and look up! Buildings paint such a strong image against a backdrop sky.
studio jobba, Rotterdam, Netherlands, +316 4245 9000
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